Old logo (2013-2017)

New logo (2018)

SFL Communications

The Simulation Football League is proud to announce a new shield, a new color scheme and an enhanced mission to provide sim football at the highest levels of e-sports gaming.The SFL logo – for the first time since the leagues’ inception got a makeover as the league’s new Chief Branding Officer Ryan Moats got to work on loading up his own legendary mark.

The colors – a deeper teal that blends to blue and the addition of gold – both in still and in animation support the league’s traditional silver. The three stars on the left side of the shield represent the bronze, silver and gold level players – a signature of All-Pro Football 2K8 and the SFL for years. The three stars on the right represent the SFL’s past, present and future as the organization continues its winding path to success from the early beginnings and WAFL (2010-2012) to the SFL’s first successful nine seasons (2013-present) and into it’s 10th Anniversary Season and all it will have to offer to our community and fans.

The gold loading bar at the bottom represents our unique connection to the sports gaming universe, a symbol of our simulations about to start up and our literal anticipation waiting for what’s next to come, since picking up and turning on a controller is not a daily ritual around these parts. An animated loading bar will be added in the coming days – it just wasn’t quite ready to be released before the Conference Semifinals. (there are many new elements that will make their ‘debut’ in the Conference Semis but many will not be shown until the Championship Game)

The new identity is already making its rounds. Expect to see it front and center when the playoffs kickoff on YouTube tomorrow, Sunday October 1 at 1pm CT, 2pm ET.