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With just two weeks left in the regular season, we’re down the stretch of Season 9. Three teams have clinched, three teams have been eliminated. These things we know. Here’s what’s at stake in Week 11:

Eastern Conference:

Already Clinched: Queen City, Tallahassee

The Corsairs came from behind to shock Atlanta for the second time this season and Tallahassee held off a Baltimore comeback in another case of de ja vu. The two met in last season’s Eastern Conference final and have proved this season that their respective franchises are forces to be reckon with. The rest of the Eastern Conference is unproven and the targets are squarely on the backs of the defending champs, and the purple and gold still searching for their first Championship Game appearance.

Can clinch: Chicago, Atlanta

The Wildcats just need a win against Queen City but can also clinch with an Atlanta win over Carolina Tuesday night. The Swarm control their destiny – win and in. Even with a loss, the Swarm would control their destiny in Week 12 against Cleveland.

Can be eliminated: Baltimore

The Crabs need a win over Cleveland to keep their playoff hopes alive. Period. Even an Atlanta win would eliminate Baltimore. The Crabs need wins and help – either Chicago or Atlanta losing out. Things look bleak for Baltimore, but have brought on Eddie Gauge as the team’s Defensive Coordinator for a last-gasp playoff run.

Western Conference:

Already Clinched: Alaska

The Storm took care of Houston for the fourth-straight time and there dominant 24-10 win at home helped Alaska become the first team to clinch. The Storm head to Sioux Falls to battle with Mexico City – who Alaska plays in Week 12 – for playoff positioning and home field advantage throughout the Western Conference playoffs.

Can clinch: Mexico City, Houston, Vancouver

The Aztecs are in with a win or a Dallas loss to Oklahoma City. Houston is in with a win. Vancouver is in with a win and a Oklahoma City loss. While the West is cluttered, the clinching scenarios for Week 11 are all pretty simple.

Can be eliminated: Dallas and Oklahoma City

The Ruffnecks and Renegades are eliminated with a loss – it’s a playoff game for these two proud franchises. If Dallas wins AND Houston, Mexico City and Vancouver also win, Dallas won’t have the ability to make the playoffs, even if the Ruffnecks eventually finish 7-5 since they hold no meaningful tiebreakers with any of those three teams. If the Renegades win AND Vancouver and Houston also win, then the Renegades at 6-6 would not be good enough to make it this season in the West.