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After a 5-7 finish to last season and a 1-2 start to Season 9, the Baltimore Crabs made a much-needed statement at home Monday night that the Crabs are the true veterans of the SFL. The 27-10 victory slowed Chicago’s offense to a halt in the second half, led by Eddie Gauge’s 12 tackles.

Baltimore quarterback Matt South once again went a game without an interception, going 21-for-27, and now has seven touchdowns to just five picks through the first four weeks. Sonzo Robinson eclipsed the 200-yard mark with 209 yards on 26 carries. Cornerback Ray Cobaine is quietly having a solid year, batting away another three passes. Cobaine now has five, tied for fourth. Chicago fell short of 300 total yards of offense. ET King barely completed 50 percent of his throws and newly-signed Roderick Moore seemed to be the only offensive weapon that could get going (11 receptions, 137 yards). Chicago was blanked in the second half 10-0.

The Crabs (2-2) will battle the Cleveland Stallions (2-2) in a crucial Eastern Conference war in Week 5. The Stallions host on a two-game winning streak. Chicago will try to end a two-game skid against winless Carolina Tuesday in primetime.