For the first time in SFL history, we have the ability to look through all of our games, all of our players and everything they have done. We are keeping track of your player’s legacy better than ever before. Let’s take a look at all of the milestones that could grab headlines in Week 3 and who achieved milestones in Week 2:

Be #legendary:

  • Mexico City QB Matt Willson (@xanthos) passed 1,000 completions and Ohno Matsumoto for 6th on the all-time completions list.
  • Chicago running back Dion Hawkins (@22DionHawkinsOC) moved past David Badha (retired) and Richard Snowden (deceased) on the all-time rushing leaders, now with 3,322 yards – 10th best all-time.
  • Alaska DE Alex Dominguez (@alexd4210) moved into fourth all-time position on the sack leaderboards, now with 26.5.
  • Chicago’s Kanye Rockafella and A.J. Barnes each reached 20 interceptions for their career, joining only 15 others who have achieved the mark.
  • Chicago’s ET King surpassed 5,000 career passing yards in Chicago’s win over St. Louis.
  • With four touchdowns in a win over Queen City, Tallahassee’s J. Calvin Kim has risen through the ranks, now 7th all-time in rushing touchdowns with 34.
  • Sioux Falls’ Jalan Miller became the 20th receiver to reach 3,000 receiving yards – now with 3,092.

In the community:

  • It’s an official race for 4,500. Houston wide receiver D.R. Sim (@drsim80) leads active user players in receiving yards (4,458), needing just 42 yards to reach the 4,500 mark. San Antonio’s Greg Corky has 4,440 yards, needing just 60 to reach the 4,500 mark. Both are in action when their respective teams for the first time this season Tuesday night and whoever gets to 4,500 first will be the first user player in league history to do.
  • With three more touchdowns, Cleveland quarterback Macc Wavy Jr. will throw his 59th touchdown pass, moving him into 9th position all-time.
  • Baltimore’s Eddie Gauge is one solo tackle away from 400, becoming the 6th SFL player and first user player to reach the mark.
  • Sioux Falls’ A.J. Levye needs six total tackles to reach 300 for his career and needs one more interception for his career.

Worthy franchises:

  • With one more win, Dallas will become the 10th franchise to win 25 games in the SFL.
  • With one more win, New York/Queen City will become the first franchise to 50 all-time victories.
  • With one more win, Baltimore will move into second all-time with 41 wins all-time.
  • Oklahoma City is 10 points away from 2,000, joining only Orlando and New York/Queen City on the 2,000 points list.
  • Mexico City is 17 points away from 1,500 total points, currently 8th most in league history.

At the top:

  • Sioux Falls QB Julian Tyree is four touchdowns away from 100 career TDs, joining five others.
  • OKC running back Pete bruschi needs 252 yards to become the first SFL running back to achieve 10,000 for his career.
  • With one more interception, OKC’s Billy Joe Casper will become the first defensive player with 50 interceptions and with 6 more solo tackles, will become the first player to record 500.
  • Oklahoma City’s Tybeerious Bovine needs 169 yards to become the league’s first 5,000-yard receiver to play tight end his entire career.

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