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Despite a balanced offensive attack and a much-improved outing from Week 1 to Week 2, San Antonio couldn’t send the new SFL fans home happy, losing the coin toss in overtime and allowing Mexico City to get into field goal range for a 31-28 win. The loss dropped the Vaqueros to 0-2 and lifted the Aztecs to 2-0.

Vaqueros running back Jason German registered his second-straight 100-yard rookie rushing performance and Greg Corky’s 131 yards and a score on just four catches helped keep pace with the high-powered Aztecs. Mexico City turned to quarterback Matt Willson a little more than they had to against Vancouver, and he responded with three touchdowns to three different receivers. Pablo Zamora led Mexico City with 10 tackles;┬áBret Zapadinsky led all tacklers with 12 and joins teammate Shane Hornish on the top 10 leaderboards for tackles through two weeks.

San Antonio owner Greg Morris and his Vaqueros will head to Houston in Week 3, where Morris got his coaching/ownership start. Mexico City will host Sioux Falls in another highly-anticipated matchup.