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The Tallahassee Pride were up to the challenge. Baltimore, hosting a Week 1 home game for the first time in six seasons, couldn’t overcome a big second-half deficit despite its best late-game heroics in a 40-37 loss. Down 37-20 with 4:17 left, the Crabs scored 17 unanswered points but allowed the Pride just enough time to drive down for a game-winning 43-yard field goal.

The two teams combined for more than 1,200 yards of total offense, but Tallahassee won the turnover battle, scoring 23 points off of four Matt South interceptions. Pride quarterback Christian Christiansen kept a clean sheet (21-of-35, 289 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT). Running back J. Calvin Kim had a banner day, rushing for 203 yards, including a 97-yard score. Baltimore wideout Kendall Gilbert and Tallahassee’s Jared Cochran and Ken Gossett all scored two touchdowns through the air.

Tallahassee (1-0) will open up its home slate against the defending champions next Tuesday, while Baltimore (0-1) takes to the road, facing rival Carolina Monday night.