To SFL Nation,

We are about to embark on our 9th season! A few times a year, I feel the need to address our players on behalf of ownership, their coaches and league staff to update you on the league’s progress major events to come, major milestones reached and our goals for the future. We are a league of opportunity and family and our promise is to never stay satisfied. We are always striving to make improvements so you can always be involved with the greatest simulation league ever assembled.

Season 9 starts Sunday July 9

In 2010, the vision of this great league was brought to the public and June 15, 2013, the SFL hit the field. Now celebrating our fifth year of competition, all of our games are streamed and archived in 1080p on our YouTube channel, which has accumulated almost 600 subscribers and over 84,000 video views. Recently, we uploaded our 1,000th video to our network of history. Our kickoff game this year pits our defending champion (and 4x champion overall) the Queen City Corsairs against the up-and-coming St. Louis Gladiators in a unique matchup that will feature former no star WRs in St. Louis against no star CBs in Queen City and feature former Corsair Alexander Shayatovich serving in a new role as the Gladiators quarterback (Ethan Alexander). Kickoff is at 3 p.m. CT. The day will also feature four games simulcast on Rabbit at 5 p.m. CT. Rabbit is a platform that allows you to follow all of our action live on four different channels. Throughout the season we will have guest and tryout commentators calling and analyzing these games, working their way to full-time status. The day of celebration will be capped with Dallas hosting Alaska in a rematch of the Western Conference Final of Season 8. The SFL Today show, equipped with highlights, milestones, storylines and news from around the league will air its inaugural broadcast 15 minutes prior to kickoff from Texas.

Streaming and deadlines schedule

On a typical week, the SFL will have five games Sundays at 3 p.m. CT with an international broadcast on YouTube and four games shown exclusively to our SFL community through Rabbit. 7 p.m. CT is the Game of the Week. YouTube will also host called games on Monday and Tuesday nights at 7. Teams that have participated in or have their next opponent playing in a Tuesday night tilt will have playbook adjustment deadlines end-of-day Thursday. All other teams will have playbook adjustment deadlines end-of-day Wednesday.

League celebrations

The SFL’s 500th game will be played in Week 3, Sunday July 23, 7 p.m., a matchup between rivals Baltimore Crabs and Queen City Corsairs, featuring two teams with a combined 16 SFL seasons under their belt. Reaching our 500th game is an accomplishment no one can ever take away. That’s roughly 1,000 hours – or 42 whole days of straight gameplay.

To commemorate our 10th Anniversary Season, the SFL is organizing a summer 2017 summit in a city to be determined (Atlanta and Dallas were preliminary finalist candidates to host). All SFL members are welcome to meet coaches, players, other owners and league commentators and officials from all over the world. The event will include a league dinner, a league awards presentation and will kickoff the 11th season with a day of games called live and in person. If you are interested in providing some financial backing for this event (outside of any individual costs) or have opportunities to save league members on travel or hotel stay in any or a select city, please contact me through Discord PM.

This off-season, the league’s top priority was bringing all of our history together in one place, cutting the league’s expenses to better serve its loyal supporters and enhancing our league staff and talent. All of those missions were rolled into one as the league partnered with PressStats, a unique software that will help the league track your legendary status game-by-game. The SFL is the first football league of any kind to utilize this software.

The SFL promoted Liam Crowter to webmaster. Crowter, Director of Player Personnel and Head of Stats Andrew Rastelli and myself embarked on entering 480 competitions and 427 players – all equipped with their own page on the site. Combined with other new features like the league’s open positions board, contact list, FAQ and history sections the SFL’s website boasts over 1,000 pages of content – rivaling only the professional sports league’s in the country. While the three of us worked tirelessly to improve our online platform, league President Jermaine Smith worked tirelessly to ensure 99.9% accuracy across our teams and players through hexing rosters, his primary league duty. We are so appreciative to have experts at the league level that can assist in keeping a league of 180+ members running smoothly.

From those of you who have met me in person to those who I’ve never had the pleasure to speak to, I remind you that this league is fully ingrained into my life and happiness. It enhances my career and it brings me great pleasure to serve as your Commissioner. I set out to prove this league is where you want to be every single day. If you ever have any questions or would just like to chat about the league someday, you can always reach me on my cell – 210-473-8428.

Most online league’s don’t stand the test of time. Our feet are firmly on the ground. Enjoy the season and #beastar.


SFL Commissioner Cameron Irvine