DENTON, TX – The Simulation Football League made history Thursday night, announcing a new partnership with PressStats, a centralized statistics and information database that combines the league’s history with the league’s present. The SFL is the first football league to ever utilize this technology.

“The excitement has built throughout the off-season, from a pie-in-the-sky vision to hundreds of man-hours poured in to a project that ultimately is everything we had hoped for,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Our league never stops getting stronger and we certainly the strongest we’ve ever been after this historic move.”

With the announcement, the Simulation Football League ends it’s four-season partnership with DakStats, allowing the money used to cover the league’s biggest expense to be allocated to an expanding league staff and broadcast team. This will open the league up to more pro-quality ownership groups, play-by-play commentators and league staff members who possess the skills necessary to elevate the league to a 21-team organization, the league’s next and final expansion goals.

“PressStats gives the SFL the chance to keep track of it’s growing history with better cohesion than ever before,” said Director of Player Personnel and Head of Stats Andrew Rastelli. “Finally all things SFL are able to brought to one place, bringing yet another high perk of professionalism to a league that already has more than any other. With this tool, we will be able to upload stats, players, teams, and records as quickly as we can type them instead of waiting on a third party to do it for us. The SFL now has full control of it’s statistics which brings them to the user faster and clearer than before.”

With the partnership, the SFL introduces Liam Crowter – who spearheaded the efforts to bring – as the league’s webmaster. Crowter’s knowledge in the space helped shape the sleek look and design of the site, more friendly to mobile devices than ever before.

“I’m delighted to have accepted the role of webmaster for the Simulation Football League,” Crowter said. “When I first spoke to Cam about assisting with the administration of the existing league website I was struck by the vision and creativity that he displayed when talking about where he wished to see the league go in terms of its web platform. It has been a tough few months of working with Cam and Andrew on the website, and their assistance with data entry has been crucial in reaching this stage. By unveiling this website, we have set our standard as a forward thinking and moving organization, and I look forward to harnessing the ideas of the community in moving forward with ongoing development.”

As of this announcement, the league has all of its 480 games and all of it’s 447 players that have ever played in a SFL game loaded into the database. Each player and game has its own page of information, which means now sports over a thousand pages of information, rivaling only professional major sports leagues. It’s list of features rivals no other league site ever assembled.

“We needed to break free from our endless cycle of redesigns and efforts to rival great leagues that eventually and inevitably would fell short due to our technology limitations,” Irvine said. “We now have a complete home for our league that we can proudly call home. By our 10th season, YouTube will be our exclusive media home for everything SFL, PressStats will be our exclusive partner for all of our statistics, history and information and Discord will continue to be our exclusive home for communication and building sim football relationships around the world.”

A list of features of the new includes, but is not limited to:

– A home page that lists each game and it’s date and time of air, along with conference standings that reflect the proper league tiebreakers
– Team pages that include current season information, news and social media alongside all-time game and roster records
– Individual pages for all league games and star players
– Game hubs that include video on-demand, game articles and box scores with team and player stats
– Sortable Player leaderboards for each season and all-time statistical records kept in real time
– A Job Board for teams to let league newcomers know what positions – players or staff – are available, with the ability to market the quality of position open
– A built-in Power Rankings system, with team beat writers keeping you up-to-date on the team’s status throughout the season
– A record of our champions, each individual season’s standings, playoff brackets and games played
– A record of all-time team wins, points scored and points allowed
– A contact sheet for all SFL newcomers to easily reach the owner or league staff member they desire to play or work for

The site will also launch at prior to the season. While not all games have been transferred from DakStats to PressStats, please be patient as the league is nearing completion in the project. For more information on the Simulation Football League and to join the league for Season 9, explore #beastar