DENTON, TX – The Queen City Corsairs, defending champs and winners of the title four times in the league’s eight seasons, starts at the top of the rankings after 21 pollsters participated in the first Power Rankings presented by PressStats.

Behind the Corsairs is the team Queen City topped in the title game – the Dallas Ruffnecks – who sport a new quarterback and no star running back heading into Season 9. A surprise in the poll is Atlanta. The Swarm missed the playoffs in their first season but start this season fourth in the power rankings, as the pollsters are high on new Defensive Coordinator Eric Vinson and the returning firepower of BDG Hollewood and Boo Chisholm.

Sioux Falls and Houston come in at No. 6 and 7, respectively and will play each other in Week 1. St. Louis created a lot of buzz this off-season, but starts just 13th in the polls with an unproven head coach and wild team build – no star wide receivers.

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